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Avoid hot water temperature is too high will open the pores, the way it took scalp oil, human hair weave follicles are more likely to lead to problems, hair easier to break or fall off when bathing. Each bath water temperature should be controlled at about 40 ℃, when the temperature can not be too high Hair. Hair trimmed regularly a lot of dust in the air full lace human hair wig, but also more hazardous substances, which can cause hair damage, coupled with the mental stress also cause hair to become fragile. Recommend timely cut their 100 virgin human hair, which will help outre human hair continue to grow, but also to reduce injuries. Combing their hair should not be too hard whether wet or dried hair, combing their hair should not be too hard, straining comb or repeated combing their thickness of human hair very easy to strain the hair root, it should first gently comb through human hair extension, then comb from top to bottom along. Human hair u part wigs should not be too frequent, otherwise it will increase the chances of split ends and full lace human hair wigs loss.

March 8 morning, the 43rd WorldSkills hairdressing project in Shijiazhuang, Hebei trials carried out a total of 54 players, the morning's events for men classical hairstyles, the game time is 1 hour 45 minutes, the range is to trim the human hair half wigs , dyeing, design modeling and other matters, the players maximize their skills, to bring the audience a visual feast for the senses. For the players work, scoring more international way, this game, the referee will be divided into two groups, respectively, each piece played subjective and objective points points. For technical characteristics, two types of scores will implement different evaluation criteria and weights, in order to ensure fair competitions. Is expected to have 20 players eligible to enter the semi-finals, the competition for young barber who provided a good platform for mutual learning and exchange, and laid a new foundation for Hebei hairdressing industry.

In order to reflect a simple fashion bridal styling, makeup should be clean, simple and elegant shape; the bride's makeup most taboo thick foundation, thereby covering the bride own natural temperament, so when the foundation makeup to light, moisture, mainly transparent . Before applying foundation and similar skin color, skin color and adjust the skin play a unified role, then the light at the foundation of T word, U-site brighten, three-dimensional sense to highlight facial contours. Clean and simple packet sent after wearing human lace wigs bow, bow this year is the most popular jewelry. 1. Use the comb to comb the blonde human hair extensions smooth, then slowly comb to head Zhaqi. 2, the front panel to the side bangs neatly combed fixed. 3, tied the human hair weave bundles into 4 parts, ovo after comb flat surface fixed. 4, the front side area wearing a lace bow. 5, and finally all fixed, showing a pattern of fortune, the full lace human hair wigs Shuli clean. On the back side.

C corrugated iron texture is to allow a natural arc-shaped strand of human hair weave perm technology, as with a round brush to blow effect. The C ripple technology, computing the hot wholesale human hair long and thick stick diameter is the key. Because a C s word is a (1/2), and a s needs Makizo circle, so a c-yu is one and a half (Figure I 1. So, how can we in accordance with the length of hair to choose hot thick stick After the diameter of it? [the hot hair length divided by 4.5 = used thick stick diameter] .4.5 origin, is taping the pi set number of laps, "3" and then multiplied by 1.5 for presentation c corrugated ring obtained data. If the thickness of human hair length is 20cm = 200mm, use thick stick diameter should be 45mm (200mm / 4.5 = 45mm). To show c ripple 1.5 turns the mannequin heads with human hair volume can be presented during a haircut, according to human hair half wigs amount of hair really need to adjust the amount of fat, then you should choose a more coarse thick stick.